Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mist Systems: A first look

So I really didn’t want to like Mist Systems.  I haven't really gelled with any of the pure-cloud networking vendors and kind of expected this to be a "me too" play. So when Mist told the #MFD2 delegates they were going to send us an AP41 for us to play around with, I didn’t feel exceptionally excited.

That feeling lasted right up until I started using it.  Setup was quick, the AP was up and running quickly and a couple cheesy SSIDs later it was working. I've been very impressed with the overall performance and experience using the Mist AP41.

The Cloud Management:
At first I thought their cloud management was a reasonable knockoff of the Meraki cloud. But the more I use it, the more the differences stand out.  Onboarding to the dashboard with a QR code or Serial number was cool.  The HTML5 dashboard is very responsive.  I am in love with the correlated graphs, where you can mouse over one graph and it moves the line to correspond to the others on screen.  Overall, it feels easy and natural but not dumbed down, and is organized in a way that feels natural for most network and wireless engineers.