Sunday, July 14, 2013

CCIE Wireless Study: WLC CLI commands:

This post is to be just a list of some useful CLI commands for attempting the CCIE Wireless lab.
Most of these commands are CLI only, or more useful from the CLI than from the GUI.

802.11 tuning for CCIE Lab

Turn on A-MPDU for all 802.1p classes
config 802.11x 11nsupport enable
show 802.11x

Turn on A-MPDU per 802.1p class
config 802.11x 11nsupport a-mpdu tx priority 5 <enable/disable>
show 802.11x

Turn on long interval only for band
config 802.11x 11nsupport guard_internal <any/long>
show 802.11x

Configure reduced interframe space for a band
config 802.11x 11nsupport rifs rx <enable/disable>
show 802.11x

The following 2 commands are in the GUI, but are not correct if you are using the "debug aaa tacacs enable"
Turn on legacy beamforming (clientlink 1.0) globally
config 802.11x beamforming global <enable/disable>
show 802.11x

Turn on legacy beamforming (Clientlink 1.0) on an AP
config 802.11x beamforming ap <Cisco AP>  <enable/disable/global>
show 802.11x

Advanced Roaming

Advanced roaming parameters for max number of retries
config advanced client-handoff <# of retries>
show advanced client-handoff

Load Balancing

Set the window of clients to x
config load-balancing window <x>
show load-balancing

Set the maximum denials to X
config load-balancing denial X
show load-balancing


Change Channel with 802.11h announcement
config 802.11h setchannel <APName> channel announcement <Channel>

Coverage Hole Detection:

Configure advanced CHD
config advanced 802.11x coverage data fail-percentage 30
config advanced 802.11x coverage data packet-count 35
config advanced 802.11x coverage voice fail-percentage 5
config advanced 802.11x coverage voice packet-count 10
show advanced 802.11x coverage


SNMP Parameters
config snmp engineID <engineID>
show snmp engineID

Rogue Detection:

Disable adhoc rogue detection
config rogue adhoc <disable/enable>
show rogue adhoc summary


Run on the console of an H-REAP AP, not on the WLC.  Shows the config pushed to AP.
show derived-config