Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cisco Prime Infrastructure: Bug ID CSCud39395 Logins not Processed

A couple weeks ago I ran into an issue with Prime Infrastructure 1.2 where it was not responding to a login request.  It just sat there working on the login request but would never respond with a success or failure.

After stopping the NCS software, it would not start again.  I was presented with a failure and told to check the launchout.log

So I performed the Backup-logs and untar'd the file.  Here is what I was receiving in the file.

Starting Health Monitor as a primary
Checking for Port 8082 availability... OK
truststore used is /opt/CSCOlumos/conf/truststore
truststore used is /opt/CSCOlumos/conf/truststore
Starting Health Montior Web Server...
Health Monitor Web Server Started.
Starting Health Monitor Server...
Health Monitor Server Started.
Starting Remoting Service: Reporting Server
Checking for running servers.
00:00 Check complete. No servers running.
Starting Server ... 
 Start failed. Initiating shutdown. Please check logs/Startup.log.